Sildes Auto OÜ is a company founded in 2014. Sildes Auto OÜ is formerly called Max Servic OÜ, which has been engaged in car painting and bodywork since 1993. Sildes Auto OÜ is engaged in car body and painting work, body stretching work, car glass replacement and sales, sales of tires and spare parts. In addition, we offer services: body stretching, car and truck windshield replacement and sales, painting, De Beer watercolor sales, car body parts sales, car and van corrosion protection, plastic parts repair, body robot parts correcting, using Spanes body stretching machine in case of car accident, procurement of spare parts, bodywork and painting, communication with insurance companies. In case of a car accident, we make preliminary calculations on the spot and also on the basis of the pictures sent by you. If desired, a representative of our company will travel to assess the accident damage. Long-term experience, perfect technologies and control of work processes ensure lasting results in paint work.

Sildes Auto OÜ paint laboratory is equipped with water-based car paints from the well-known Dutch company Valspar De Beer. Our workshop has a custom-made paint chamber made in the Yokistar factory, which can accommodate both cars and vans. The size of our workshop is 650m², located on a guarded 2,200m² territory. Our goal is to provide customers with the best price and the highest quality service.

Our employees have completed several training courses and receive regular in-service training at Devori Kaubandus OÜ and Tobis UAB in Estonia, Finland, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands. All employees have the appropriate certificates to prove the training. All employees also have professional certificates of compliance with the requirements of the respective professional qualifications.